” Practising yoga under the guidance of Bhavani at her center is not just a form of physical exercise for me. It is an experience beyond description since I could connect with my inner self in an environment of peace and tranquillity.

Bhavani, as a teacher transmits extreme positive energy, skill, and commitment. After I started practising yoga with her, I have started experiencing more productive and stress-free days at work. I wish Bhavani a very happy and meaningful journey ahead in spreading the goodness of yoga and pilates. “

– PV Ramana Murthy, Sr. Vice President-Human Resources, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages “

I have been practising yoga and pilates with Bhavani for 9 months now. In these 9 months, I have experienced tremendous health benefits. The flexibility and muscle tone of my body has shown tremendous improvement. And the classes are loads of fun! As for Bhavani as an instructor, there is only one word – FANTASTIC. She is a lovely person and that translates into her teaching as well. She is very aware of her students’ capabilities and knows when to push them and how much. Always encouraging and supportive Bhavani leads by example. I love practising yoga and pilates with her!”

– Parul Bhargava, Director at Impower Learning Solutions

” Bhavani is a very hardworking and dedicated teacher of Yoga. She is passionate not only about teaching the practice of yoga but also ensuring that the students imbibe it as a way of life…!! I have been practising yoga for past one year under the tutelage of Bhavani and have experienced immense benefits & changes in my life… I feel more rejuvenated after every class and have become addicted to the practice of Yoga!”

– Kavita Vakil, Artist

” Yoga with Bhavani has brought about the much sought and required balance in my life. I feel an increased sense of focus-flexibility-fitness and inner strength to cope effectively. Bhavani and her centre came into my life as a blessing and I can never express my gratitude enough for the change she has helped me bring about in myself. I wish her the very best in life with her endeavour and personally. She is doing an amazing work at reaching out to people and enabling them at so many levels. God bless!”

– Priyanka Anand, Banker & Business Strategy Consultant

” Laxmana Yoga has enabled me to manage stress better and has made me a calmer person. It has also helped me improve my focus at my workplace. Regular practice since my joining the centre has also made me physically active to deal with long working hours. Bhavani has been excellent as a yoga teacher and ensures that you are motivated to engage in the practice at least thrice a week.”

– Anand V, Banker

” It is impossible to put my testimonial in words, but Bhavani is a wonderful teacher whose heart lifting classes serve as lessons to carry through life!! I have been a yoga student with her for the past one & half years & I often refer to Bhavani as a blessing in my life. Her teachings have changed my life in a very deep & personal level. She graciously passes her teachings only to those who are fortunate to be one of her students. Bhavani’s classes are full of positive energy & yet a sense of calm prevails…!!!BHAVANI U ROCK!!!!! Thank you……Lots of Love.”

– Pooja Khanna

” Bhavani’s Laxmana Yoga and Pilates have been a revelation for me and it is a place to go exercise, relax and get an all over body workout. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student she challenges all levels. With her serene studio and her excellent motivational, and I look forward to my classes 3 days a week. Her Pilates workouts are challenging yet rewarding and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every class. It’s been a pleasure working with Bhavani and am looking forward to many more classes with her.”

– Ayesha Shah, Communications Consultant

” Extremely attentive Guru who gives personalised training and guidance to each disciple. Wish you best of luck always Bhavani.”

– Sunainika, Linguist​

” I got introduced to Laxmana yoga by my Teacher Bhavani, two years ago. I remember when I started I could barely do single leg raises and I realised that I was getting old. But since then I’ve not looked back and have graduated to doing headstand for more than 5 minutes. Bhavani is very dedicated and sincere and can make Yoga highly addictive.”

– Aman Malhotra, Head Digital Marketing, Samsung

” I always thought of yoga as a boring and lazy exercise but believe me since the day I’ve joined Bhavani’s yoga classes my views have changed. Due to lack of exercise my body was always stiff and I had bad postures, with yoga my back ache has almost disappeared now. The best quality about Bhavani is that she gives personal attention to each one and keeps bringing variations in her exercises. As a teacher she just dedicates herself and keeps motivating one, I feel her yoga and Pilates classes is much better than gyming. It’s because of her I feel good about myself. Thank you.”

– Ekta Malhotra, Housewife

” Yoga is a great way to start the day. I feel alive and energetic throughout the day. I’ve got arthritis but because of yoga, I’m able to carry out my life normally. I have done many yoga classes but have always done suryanamaskars in a wrong manner but Bhavani being such a dedicated teacher she has helped me get my postures right and has made yoga easy for me. I have been with her for three years and till date, I always look forward to her yoga and weight loss program.”

– Savita Malhotra, Housewife

” My name is Gaby and I started the Pilates and Yoga classes with Bhavani 4 months ago. I had my 4th son two years ago and really needed somebody to guide me on the exercise, elasticity and good performance. She pays special attention to each one in class, corrects our positions always with the warmth and generous way. We have learned so much, and most of all, have improved so fast in these past months! I like her patience, style, the motivational way of making the class so delightful. Thank you, Bhavani! So glad I found you!”

– Gaby Mooney

“Some people come into your life when you least expect it and when you need it the most. They show direction , guide , mentor and bring a certain purpose to Life . 

Bhavani and Laxmana Yoga did that for me . For someone who was a late entrant into the fitness way of Life,  Bhavani has beautifully made me embrace Yoga since last 2 years and now it continues to be part of my core being. Her Ability lies in making each of us identify our strength and our weakness and work upon it . With Mam , look forward to learn more everyday and Master each Asana and go beyond the realm . 

They say when you have a good Teacher- Half the battle is won. Thanks Bhavani Mam , you made this battle so much easier. .”

– Aloka Rajan – Insta I’d Aloka13