Laxmana Yoga and Pilates Centre, Chembur was founded by Bhavani Pinisetti in 2011. The Centre an ambient space is the culmination and genesis of Bhavani Pinisetti’s 15 years of association with Yoga both as a student and teacher of this ancient practice. She acquired her inclination towards Yoga at a very early age from her father. Though a practising Lawyer by profession Bhavani found her inner calling in Yoga and received her Teacher’s training and certification from Sivananda International Vedanta and Yoga Centre, Madurai Ashram. She is also trained in Pilates by Michale King from London.

Her thought and motivation behind establishing this Centre was to create a space which imparted training at a much deeper level and reach out to individuals, their families and friends and help them in looking for answers, self-awareness, healing themselves physically and spiritually and most importantly to be at peace with oneself.

She says Yoga and Pilates are not postures and movements for creating beautiful and perfect bodies. It is about connecting one’s mind and body through ‘Conscious Breathing’, this is the only path towards healing.

She begins her day at the Centre at 6 a.m. and approaches each personally trained class and student with a simple prayer within that she can enable them to immerse into the practice, both at a conscious and subconscious level, and create lasting good health and inner peace for themselves.

The Centre
To encourage and enable you to focus on developing your practice, we have tried to create an environment of peace and quietude. We want you to be mindful throughout your whole practice and believe this mindfulness will grow and eventually extend out into your everyday life.

We begin and end every yoga session with a chant. This is meant to calm and center the mind and open the heart before we begin our yoga practice together. We complement the yoga practice with Pilates; a body conditioning routine which puts emphasis on developing a strong core. Pilates helps you in improving concentration, control, flow, precision, balance and breathing.